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GALE is a learning community focusing on education about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues. We promote the full inclusion of people who are disadvantaged because of their sexual orientation, sexual identity and their expression by identifying, enhancing and sharing educational expertise. The membership of the community is free and open to anyone actively involved in education about LGBT issues. GALE is a formal partner of UNESCO. Our main priorities are:

  1. Map the Right to Education worldwide (see checklist) and promoting the proper implementation of the Right to Education by states (see the guide Advocate for sexual diversity education and the long version with many annexes)
  2. Pilot projects in schools and developing a toolkit to work with schools
  3. Pilot projects on LGBT storytelling/peer-education and developing a supportive tookit
  4. Promoting and supporting the inclusion of LGBT issues in sexuality education and bullying strategies in cooperation with UNESCO (see UNESCO publication on homophobic bullying)

HRC votes for second resolution on LGBT

September 26, 2014 - Peter Dankmeijer

Today, for the second time a resolution on LGBT rights was adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council. Until 2011, LGBT people have been denied explicit mention in official UN resolutions because a heinous coalition of States maintain that same-sex behavior is sinful, criminal and LGBT people are not deserving human rights. This resolution breaks the stalemate between the coalition for universal human rights and the coalition which advocates to maintain medieval values.


Document our history now starts fundraising

September 29, 2014 - Peter Dankmeijer
Yesterday, the new foundation “Document our history now” started fundraising. The foundation supports film makers in ASEAN countries (South East Asia) to document LGBT lives and history. Read more...

Bisexual youth needs support and care

September 23, 2014 - Peter Dankmeijer
To honor Bisexual Visibility Day, the USA Human Rights Campaign Foundation published a research report today which concludes bisexual youth in the country feel significantly less well than both heterosexual and gay/lesbian youth. Read more...

Emma Watson calls for men to join the HeforShe campaign

September 22, 2014 - Peter Dankmeijer
Emma Watson, better known as the character Hermione Granger she played in the Harry Potter films, has held a speech for the United Nations calling for men to stand up for feminism. The moving video of her speech is being shared worldwide. Read more...

Williams Institute recommends to adopt laws against LGBT bullying

September 15, 2014 - Peter Dankmeijer
Today the Williams Institute sent a report to the UN on human rights violations in the United States. Based on research and legal analysis, the report suggests the United States is not complying with its international human rights commitments, particularly in the areas of employment, health, youth and violence against LGBT people. Read more...

“Traditional” values groups try to organize lobby to adopt censorship laws

September 14, 2014 - Peter Dankmeijer
A international “forum” in Moscow of so-called “traditional” values groups published a resolution which calls for an organized lobby against human rights through the introduction of censorship laws across the world. Read more...

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