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GALE is a learning community focusing on education about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues. We promote the full inclusion of people who are disadvantaged because of their sexual orientation, sexual identity and their expression by identifying, enhancing and sharing educational expertise. The membership of the community is free and open to anyone actively involved in education about LGBT issues.

Indonesian minister of education calls on universities to refuse LGBT students - February 11, 2016

11 February 2016 - The Indonesian minister of research, technology and higher education, Muhammad Nasir Djamil, said on 23 January that LGBT students should be banned from university. “‘There are standard values and moral standards to be maintained. The campus is a moral guardian”, Nasir said, ignoring his own standard to uphold the universal right to education. He followed the lead of the Minister of Culture and Education, Anies Baswedan. who warned parents and teachers that LGBT were deviant and a danger to adolescents.

Omar Didi includes sexual diversity in UNESCO youth policy - February 05, 2016

October 28, 2015 - The youth representative of GALE at the UNESCO Youth Forum struggled to include sexual diversity in the final recommendations. It is only a few years ago that UNESCO deemed LGBTI issues an "extremely sensitive issue". This is now slowly changing. Omar Didi did not get all the recommendations he aimed for, but at least one. "At the next youth forum", he says, "we need to go with more LGBTI young people."

European Parliament wants to promote fundamental values through education - January 31, 2016

January 31, 2016 - Yesterday, the members of the European Parliament adopted a report on promoting EU fundamental values through intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and education. A great majority (554 for, 147 against) in the European Parliament voted in favor of a report on the role of intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and education in promoting EU fundamental values.

Icelandic school becomes gender neutral - January 26, 2016

January 26, 2016 - An Icelandic elementary school has removed gender signs from its bathrooms in an effort to become “gender neutral”. The school also stopped dividing girls and boys into separated groups in gymnastics. If they need groups, they use the alphabet or other factors. But not the children’s assigned gender. The principal thinks that other schools should do the same, so pupils can be themselves without being forced in to a role.

EAN brings together EU initiatives against school bullying - December 10, 2015

On 8 and 9 December, the European Anti-bullying Network (EAN) held its second meeting and an international conference at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels. EAN brings together European organizations who are combating school bullying. It was noted that bullying is increasing and that the European Union needs to realize that school bullying cannot be fought adequately under the general policy heading of "anti-violence" policies.